Adding Cloudflare Site, DNS Settings

We will try to explain how to add a site to the Cloudflare cloud network, how to make cloudflare dns settings. Let's examine it together.

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Cloudflare is a content delivery network and cloud storage network that works with reverse proxy logic. Cloudflare is a global cloud storage network designed to make everything you connect to the internet secure, private, fast and reliable.

What Does Cloudflare Do?

Cloudflare essentially acts as a CDN. Cdn (content delivery network) is technology developed to enable people from all over the world to view your website information more quickly and easily. By keeping your website data on multiple servers around the world, this way when someone wants to access your website, they connect to the nearest data source and reduce the time it takes for customers to load your website.

There is a visual explanation of how it broadcasts in the image named cloudflare cdn diagram below. Cache server, on the other hand, represents the servers of the cloudflare company located all over the world.

Example: When a user from the UK wants to access, which is hosted on Australia servers but occasionally uses cloudflare, it shows the website from the UK or closer location rather than replying to him from the Australia server. Thus, we are using cloudflare servers.

As of 2020 data, Cloudflare has a total of 4.1 million customers, of which 119,206 are premium customers. The approximate number of employees is 1,931 people.

Using cloudflare means enabling cloudflare, moving the DNS management of your domains to them. In other words, you will open your DNS service to the world with cloudflare. Streaming of your websites to users will be entirely from their servers.

Adding a Cloudflare Site

To add a site to the Cloudflare performance and security company, first visit the cloudflare site. You can become a member by taking your first step for free with the Sign Up tab in the upper right corner.

After activating, go to cloudflare page and add your website by saying Add Site. Instead of adding your website address as http or https, choose to add it as

In the Select a plan section, cloudflare paid and free packages are offered. The free package also contains many features and is sufficient for small and medium businesses. Continue by choosing the free plan. Thus, we added our site to cloudflare and created our package.

After that, the cloudflare dns settings section will be. Let’s see how these dns settings are made, what is the most optimal cloudflare dns setting.

Cloudflare DNS

Now let’s look at how Cloudflare DNS Settings are made. With Cloudflare dns settings, you can set all dns settings you have purchased from any hosting company. With Cloudflare dns, you can create many critical dns settings such as email, cname, network records.

To add your Cloudflare simple and most basic site, you must add 2 settings from your dns settings;

You must add a cname record: by saying add record, choose cname from Type option, write www in Name field and save it as in Target box.

You should add an A record: by saying add record again, select Type option, this time A. In the Name field, write your address and in the IPv4 address field, enter the ip address of the company from which you purchased the hosting. I entered as an example, do not forget to enter the ip address of your web hosting package in that part.

The image for my site’s sample cloudflare settings is above. After you have made these settings, you will have successfully completed your cloudflare dns settings. Now that we have added our DNS records, we can continue by saying Continue.

After that, the screen will appear where you need to change your nameserver information.

As you can see on this screen, step 3 contains the nameserver information you are currently using. It asks you to delete them by entering your domain registrar and add the cloudflare nameserver records found in step 4. After entering the Cloudflare ns records in your domain name, your website will start broadcasting from cloudflare servers within 24 hours.

Generally, this process takes place within 10 minutes after changing your ns information.

Cloudflare dns settings, adding a site is as simple as that. As the Digital Tech Au team, you can contact us or indicate in the comments section where you can not do or get stuck. We are happy to assist cloudflare in adding your site.

Bonus: Cloudflare Site Deletion

We wanted to share this bonus information for friends who have difficulty deleting a site from Cloudflare and want to remove their site. When you come to the Cloudflare main screen, click on the domain you want to delete.

Since I want to delete the domain here, I click on it. At the bottom of the page, find the Advanced Actions section, that is, the advanced settings. This section will be located at the bottom right of the cloudflare site. When you click on the Remove Site from Cloudflare option there, this domain will be automatically deleted.

Cloudflare site deletion is that simple. Also, if you don’t want to delete it, you can stop it with the Pause option.

This way, you can continue without needing to add it again in the future.

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