How to Become a Software Developer?

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They mainly deal with installing programs for many electronic products manufactured for computers and external products.

In order to become a software developer who is interested in software installation and development, it is possible to graduate from the relevant departments of universities or to become a software developer by taking courses in software and programming.

If none of these opportunities are available, you can learn through the internet and with the help of books.

In order to become a software developer, they can find a wider range of job opportunities by graduating from software engineering and computer engineering departments of universities.

In Software What Should Be Considered First?

It is necessary to grasp the computer hardware in order to start the software and understand the logic of the software. What are the hardware units of the computer and their functions?

The most important hardware units of the computer can be listed as motherboard, processor, memory, monitor, hard disk, video card, etc.

Motherboard: It contains all parts of the computer and provides communication between these parts.

Processor: The brain of the computer, a digital circuit that electronically performs certain logic and mathematical operations.

Hard Disk: Also known as Hard Disk (Hdd). It is one of the types of memory that ensures the security of your data in a magnetic environment with different accelerations and different sizes, where information is stored even if the power is cut off.

Memory: It is a temporary storage area. The information inside is lost as soon as the power is turned off.

What Are The Software Categories?

Basically, we can divide it into two as computer software and electronic software. “Where can I start my software?” The answer to the question begins with learning the types of software.

1. Operating System Software:

It is the software that works as long as the technological tools that we call smart devices are open.
Without operating system software, you cannot perform the operations you want to do as the hardware does not work.
They are system software that provides the management and control of operating system hardware units and software.
It differs depending on the computer and software. As examples of operating systems, we can derive them as Windows Operating System, Linux Operating System, MacOS (Apple OS X) Operating System, UNIX Operating System, Android Operating System.

2. Application Software:

These are the programs that are run in harmony with the operating system software. As an example of these; Photoshop, Office Programs, games and virus programs are application software.
We can divide it into 2 under the name of general purpose and special purpose application software.
In the world of software and technology, general purpose application software applications are used quite frequently.
Examples of these application software are; Microsoft Office,
It can be derived as Notepad, Windows Media Player, GOM Player and Winamp.

3. Programming Software:

These are the structures necessary for the creation of operating system software and application software. Examples of programming software are applications such as Java, C++, Delphi, Pascal, Visual Basic.

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