What is Doxing?

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Doxing is collecting, hacking and publishing information about someone who was previously hidden and whose old training is difficult.

Making sensitive and private documents public can harm any person or person. These additional packages are planned to be used and prepared.

Where does Doxing come from?

Derived from a hacker phrase for Doxing, documentation. It will first appear in the 1990s with a war that hackers dislike.

In this case, doxing helps to get the hacker’s given targets and evils to them and get him arrested.

Hackers trying to get their special and personal abilities have their full names, email addresses, numbers, social security, accounts and derivative critical abilities. Doxing is a positive behavior to be willing, coerced, blackmailed, sincere.

How to Avoid Doxing?

It can be used to protect from the use of computers from the Internet. It can be sorted as follows:

Great care should be taken to protect from private search engines such as personal information and photos.

If the site size does not offer this protection, take care to share information on that site.

Use different email accounts for different platforms. For example, you can use an email for gaming and an email for forums.

In this way, a risk to be informed about is prevented to some extent.
Web albums should be specific to social media sites blogs.

By using a password user for the account, we can prevent computer computers from accessing user accounts that have the same password.

It’s hard to pick a large number of passwords, you still need passwords to buy software that is not secure so you can set different passwords, and all you can choose if it can guess.

Passwords should be changed every 60-90 days.

You can set the albums and devices of the adjustments.

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