What is Html?

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Hypertext Markup Language is a scripting language used to create HTML web pages with a short name. It was developed in 1990 by scientist Tim Berners-Lee to create basic pages on a website.

Html is not a programming language, it is the basis of all websites on the Internet and is where the content is located. Learning and easy to use.

The most current version version is HTML 5 and is used to design websites to allow users to log in to the internet, hence on the servers where it is located‘.html‘ or ‘.it is saved with the extensions ‘htm’.

If we talk about the skeleton of html tags, then;











      <title> Site Title</title>



  The site content will be written between these tags Dec



The tags you see above are the skeleton tags of html Each html tag is written between the “<>” characters and Decoded as </>, as seen in the code example above.

HTML tags are standardized to be able to do page title, content, paragraphs, font, links and many more the languages to be used on the page, such as Css, Javascript, and Font files, are specified by HTML codes.

To Create HTML5 Websites

These applications, which you will find in the list that are usually used for free, are constantly being improved and updated to ensure the use of html, css, javascript. Some of them are listed below.

  • Dreamweaver
  • Visual Studio Community Editon
  • Visual Studio Code
  • IntelliJ Idea
  • Sublime
  • Notepad++
  • WebStorm


Can a Website Be Made With HTML Only?


Yes, we can create a website only with HTML, but nowadays websites are not made only with HTML. CSS in combination with HTML for coloring web pages and briefly formatting them with a style, adding animation, processing data, etc. javascript for, PHP for dynamically formatting your websites, ASP.NET , Programming languages such as Python are used. Therefore, it will not be enough just to create a website using HTML.

<!DOCTYPE html>: HTML documents should start with this code.Indicates that the page is in HTML5 format (current version).

<html>: Also known as the root tag In basic Dec, all code must be defined between these two tags.

<body>: This is the field where all HTML code tags that we want to appear are added.

<head>: This is a tag that contains the language, title, and other edits to the web page.

<title>: Used to define the title field of a website. the <titleDec tag must be between the <head> tags.

<meta charset=”utf-8″>: Indicates that the HTML code contains many language sets, including Turkish character support.

  • Title Code (Hx)

Headings are the element that allows you to divide the content on your web page into readable parts. HTML basically supports 6 header elements. They consist of H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6. An example way of using it is shown as follows:

  • <h1>The first title</h1>
  • <h2>The second title</h2>
  • <h3>Third title</h3>
  • <h4>Fourth title</h4>
  • <h5>Fifth title</h5>
  • <h6>Sixth title</h6>
  • Paragraph Code (<p>)

It is the code that allows you to create paragraphs in the text. Although text paragraphs can be created by adding the <br> code between them when Decoupling content sections, it is recommended to use the <p> code. Informs search engines and browsers about the page structure Dec.

  • Line Break Code (<br>)

It is the HTML code that allows you to split the text on the web page horizontally. Where it is used, the text continues from a bottom line. In other words, when <br/> is used, all subsequent words continue from the bottom line.

  • Image Code (<img>)

The <img> code is used to add images to a web page. When you want to add an image to a web page, first upload it to the web server. You can then use an <img> tag to reference the file name of the uploaded image.

  • Button Code (<button>)

HTML button code is used to make your pages interesting and create interactive content. This code, which has become more powerful with JavaScript and HTML color codes, allows you to interact with users in your content.

  • Connection Code (<a>)

You can also create links between your other content using the <a> code, which is one of the important HTML link-making codes. Dec can also create links between your other content using the <a> code. To create a link, you must wrap the <a> and </a> tags around the content that you want to link to.

  • Horizontal Line Code (<hr>)

Horizontal line codes are used to visually separate page sections. This Decode creates a line between the current position on the page and the right margin. Thus, groups of words or sentences are separated by a horizontal line.

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