What is ionCube – What does ionCube do?

Ioncube is a system that works like a kind of encryption with a PHP extension written by the developers to encrypt PHP codes.

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Ioncube is a system that works like a kind of encryption with a PHP extension written by the developers to encrypt PHP codes.

PHP files and pages are encrypted by ioncube. It is installed in the library of the ioncube loader program located on the server named server for the files or pages to work as a result of the encryption. Therefore, ioncube loader is a program that decrypts such passwords.

You can encrypt your PHP pages with ioncube. However, after performing the encryption process, the ioncube loader program must be installed on the server for the file to work. Ioncube decrypts encrypted files or pages. Generally, when the source codes of the projects made by you are in the hands of other people, it protects the codes by encrypting them in order to prevent changes on the project. This system is used by most people. It provides the user with the advantage of encrypting the files and not making any changes in the file.

What Does Ioncube Do?


First of all, we would like to point out that ioncube is a paid program. People who want to protect their files with the paid ioncube version are frequently used. However, ioncube loader is a free application.

You do not need to use the paid version to decrypt private encryption made by someone else.

Many sites have ioncube on their server. Thanks to such encryption programs, you will also ensure the security of your computers.

Equivalent to PHP extension crypto logic by developers for encrypting PHP codes. In this way, if your project falls into the hands of someone else, you can easily prevent changes in the file. For this, there are blocking codes in the file.

How to Use Ioncube?

Ioncube is a paid program and ioncube loader is a free program. However, both perform the same function. With ioncube encryption, you can ensure the security of your files.

Ioncube offers compatibility for all OSes. Go to your PHP files by logging in from the server. In this section, if there is an ioncube file, delete it. This is an important detail to avoid confusion. Then end the installation and restart the HTTP server. Therefore, HPPT will now work with ioncube. Even if PHP files are encrypted, it will run smoothly in the program.

ionCube Encoder

When using encrypted web pages you need to use two special tools: decoder and Encoder.

A decoder is a server-based tool for decoding encrypted pages and allows the user to view them online. As for the encoder, you must have it on your machine to encode the files.

ionCube Encoder will perform this action for you and protect your files from unauthorized changes.

How to find out if ionCube is installed on a server
A simple way to find out if the ionCube Loader is on your web server is to use a phpinfo().

If you want to try ionCube, you need to find a web hosting provider that offers services that support it. Having a top quality PHP hosting platform with a reliable hosting environment optimized for running applications with ionCube Loader code is essential.

Installing ionCube on Linux

If you want to complete the ionCube installation on a Linux server, or if you have root access to your existing server, you only need command line access.

So let’s get started. The first step is to download the latest version of ionCube Loader. You can download it directly from the ionCube site and upload it manually to your server, or use the command line “wget” command to download it to the server instead.

To install ionCube from the server’s command line:
wget ioncube_loaders_lin_x86.tar.gz

After downloading you will need to extract the contents of the file.

Removing the ionCube Installer:
tar -zxvf ioncube_loaders.tar.gz

Next, go to the ionCube folder and copy the ioncube-install-assistant.php file to an online accessible folder on your server.

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