What is the Difference Between AMD Processors and Intel Processors?

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One of the most curious subjects of those who want to buy a new computer is the difference between AMD and Intel, what is the difference, let’s take a look together.

We can usually see the difference between processors in jobs and games that require performance.
To know the difference between Intel and AMD processors, we first need to know what some terms are.

What is an AMD Processor?

AMD or Advanced Micro Devices is one of the companies that produces processors for personal computers. AMD, which stands for “Advanced Micro Devices”, is an American-based microchip manufacturer.

AMD is an American-based microchip manufacturer founded on May 1, 1969 by Jerry Sanders. It became famous for producing Windows-compatible processors.

The current product line developed by Advanced Micro Devices includes central processing unit (CPU), motherboard chipsets, graphics processing unit (GPU) and software that runs them in an integrated way.

The most popular product developed by AMD in the field of microprocessors is the processor series called APU “Accelerated Processing Unit”. APU combines graphics processing unit (GPU) and central processing unit (CPU) in one product.

The second largest product group of AMD is the graphics card models developed by itself on the graphics processing unit.

In 2010, AMD acquired the ATI company and started to produce graphics cards under the Radeon sub-brand:
Radeon 200
Radeon 300
Radeon 400,
Radeon 500
Radeon Vega
designing and producing series GPUs, Advanced Micro Devices has become one of the top two manufacturers in this market in a short time, just like processors.

What is Intel Processor?

Intel, which started its operations on July 18, 1968, is a technology company based in the USA. Especially the microprocessor; manufactures system parts necessary in the digital world, such as graphics processing units, flash memory, integrated circuits and embedded systems.

In the 90s, computers, which gained speed in the field of individual use, created a large market.
For this reason, Intel wanted to be one step ahead of its competitors and it succeeded.

The company, which increased its processor production by making agreements with Microsoft, was preferred by almost 90% afterwards.

What is the difference between AMD and Intel processors?


Intel processors and AMD processors perform close to each other for the average computer user.

However, in games or similar applications that require high performance, the performance difference of the processor may occur.

In the market, Intel processors are often mentioned with their better performance in gaming computers. When we keep the game independent, it can be said that AMD processors are one step ahead for general use.

The performance difference between AMD and Intel, indicated by the difference in core count, is also an important indicator. While Intel is preferred for single-core processors, AMD processors are talking about structures with a high number of cores.

Intel vs AMD Processor Comparison

The processors of the two brands cause them to offer different performance in computers according to different generations and core structure and number.

Here, computer users should choose according to their needs. Computers purchased for work, gaming, education or other purposes have different and highly variable performance areas.

In general, in the comparison between AMD and Intel processors, AMD has an innovative brand position thanks to its innovative technology. Intel processors, on the other hand, offer fast and efficient performance.

Until 2018, while Intel processors were one step ahead with their technical features, AMD became a remarkable brand with its innovations in recent years and became Intel’s biggest competitor.

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