What is Virtual Server? Virtual Server Rental

What is Virtual Server? We will find the answer to your question.

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VDS, or virtual server, means obtaining more than one computer by sharing the hardware features on a physical computer. It has been frequently preferred by many developers, companies or individual users for a long time.

What is Virtual Server?

A virtual server is created by distributing the hardware features of a very powerful physical computer to virtual computers created. The host computer must be very powerful in terms of hardware.

VDS, that is, Virtual Dedicated Server, that is created by virtualization method, is obtained. These computers can meet very different needs depending on their intended use.

Virtual server computers each have private IP addresses. These IP addresses can be changed according to user request.

Virtual Server Rental

In order to rent a virtual server, the purpose of use must first be determined. We can list the virtual server usage purposes as follows:

In order to rent a virtual server, the purpose of use must first be determined. We can list the virtual server usage purposes as follows:

  • Web Hosting
  • Backup
  • Running Software/Programs
  • Ability to Play Simple Games
  • Running a Game Bot
  • Running a Game Server
  • Radio Broadcasting
  • File download or Upload

For the above purposes, a virtual server, that is, VDS service, can be purchased. So why rent a virtual server for these purposes?

  1. It is much more affordable than a regular computer in terms of cost
  2. Its hardware features are quite high.
  3. Download and Upload speeds are quite high
  4. It is safe
  5. It’s fast

Renting a virtual server is quite simple. If you wish, you can choose one of the fully optimized virtual servers that best suits your purpose from and start using it.

How to Use Virtual Server?

The virtual server has a setup and usage steps that vary according to the purpose of use. For example, if you want to use your VDS server as a hosting and host your site, you should install a control panel on your server. If you want to use your virtual server just like using your own computer, you can install any of the Windows or Linux operating systems.

After selecting the package you want from the virtual server purchase screen, you can select the desired operating system on your control panel and start the installation with one click. Within 10 minutes, your virtual server is prepared with the full automation system and you can use it as you wish.

Frequently Asked Questions For Virtual Server

  • If I download from the virtual server, will it deduct from my own internet quota?

No, all downloads and uploads on your virtual server drop from the network that computer is connected to.

  • Can someone with no software knowledge use a virtual server?

Yes. The installation of virtual servers is done with a single click and can be logged on with a remote connection and used just like a normal computer.

  • How much does a virtual server cost per month?

Although they are very powerful computers and have high-speed internet bands, their monthly costs are quite affordable. There is a price range that varies according to the hardware features of the virtual server. There are virtual servers suitable for every budget between 20$ and 1000$

  • What is the internet speed?

The port speed of virtual servers is measured at 1 Gbit per second. This provides a very fast internet experience.

To find out how their virtual servers are virtualized: Proxmox Vs Esxi

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