What Should Be Considered While Buying a Computer?

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The factor affecting the prices of computers is not their brand. It is the superiority of parts such as the processor, video card, hard disk used.

Even if a computer of a known brand goes through its own quality stages during production, a computer you have never heard of before may have much more remarkable power and speed than it. Therefore, the computer valuation rate will be higher.

For more descriptive answers, let’s list the features that should be considered while talking about the basic parts inside computers.


Features to Consider When Buying a Computer


  • Hard Disk
  • Display card
  • Monitor
  • Processor (Intel, Amd)
  • Motherboard (The board on which all the parts and sockets are located.)
  • Ram (Operating system, for all other programs to run)

Let’s move forward by describing the features above and try to understand what exactly we should look for when buying a computer.

Hard Disk 

It is the storage space of the computer. Program means a repository that contains all the content such as pictures, videos, music.

It is not the most important and most expensive part of the computer. Today, the most commonly used hard drives in computers are Sata Disk and SSD disks.

HDD Disk: HDD diskler için biraz daha eski teknoloji diyebiliriz aslında. Bu diskler bildiğiniz cd’lerin daha büyük ve gelişmiş halidir. Bilgisayarlarda senelerdir hatta günümüzde de hala Sata Diskler kullanılıyor.If you buy a computer with HDD disk, we recommend at least 1 TB.

SSD Disk: SSD disks are also very fast storage units that we have encountered frequently in computers recently.It is small in size, works silently, has a high speed and provides a very long-lasting use.

Display Card

One of the indispensable parts of computers is graphics cards. It is one of the most expensive parts of the computer, a few mid-range computers can be bought for the price of some graphics cards. Of course, despite this, our computer can work without a video card.

Some video cards are in the motherboard and if there is one in the motherboard, you do not need to buy a separate video card for your computer.

Of course, we can’t expect it to show high performance in games, which will not open many current games.

The graphics card is very important for gamers and for use in 3D applications. A medium graphics card will be sufficient for use at home and in offices, youtube and other social media.

If you do not plan to play 3D games, there is no need to worry about the graphics card.

If you buy a good graphics card, you may encounter high costs. The quality of the video card is determined by features such as ram, generation, brand, gpu. Graphics cards with 1 gb and below are low, 2 gb graphics cards are at the middle level, and 4 gb and above graphics cards are generally high levels.


The monitor is the size of the screen that matters. Screens of 19 inches and below are small, screens around 21-24 inches are known as medium and larger than 24 inches are known as large screens.

Over time, the sizes of monitors have also grown. While in the 2000s a 19-inch monitor was considered large, today it can be considered small. Especially game enthusiasts prefer monitors over 24 inches, while 21 inch monitors are preferred for home and office users.


Processors are the unit that works like the brain of computers, controls all mathematical data and information flow, and ensures the operation of all programs and devices.
Processors used in computers that you often see today are:

  • Intel processor
  • AMD processor
If you are going to buy a ready-made computer, the features we mentioned above will be enough. If you want to build a computer, there should be as many USB ports as possible for the motherboard. (USB 3.0 supported)
Ram Quantity

At least 8gb. A computer should be bought as much as the amount of ram. 8gb. six low, 16gb. ram medium, 16gb. Also suitable for advanced applications.

8gb for standard usage and office, at least 16gb for gamers, 32gb for advanced 3D applications. ram should be preferred.

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